THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES – Mar/Apr Early Spring Update 2018

Hello from Redding, CA, San Francisco, CA, Istanbul, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Thank you to all of you who gave to help me go to Switzerland and France. This trip was amazing in so many ways. So many of you made this trip possible. At times I did feel like I was on Mr. Toad’s wild ride. Yet it was totally worth the ride!

Last everyone heard from me I was just returning from Pennsylvania and preparing to leave for Switzerland and France. My Journey to Switzerland began in Redding on the 10th anniversary of the late Paul Sr went to the hospital on 28 Feb 2008. On the same day, I departed on this trip on a new journey to a place I had never been before. The Lord was impressing on my heart that I was departing from one season of my life and entering into a whole new place. I read the book Hind’s Feet in High places a long time ago. It was the story of a girl called “Much Afraid” she was crippled and hunched over at the beginning of her journey and much like her name was afraid of everything. At the end of her journey, she had not only made it to the top of the mountain after many trials. She had found a new identity along the way. This book was written in and inspired by the swiss alps. Our journey took us all over Switzerland. We started in Aarau a beautiful town just east of Zurich.

      God values relationship not just with Him but how we steward the relationships around us. I have worked hard to make good relationships and to maintain them or leave them in a way that we could just pick up where we left off. On this trip, I got to do this. In our first town, I saw a young lady that I had gone to First Year with. She was amazed I remembered her. It was good to see her in a place where she was growing and learning more about the Lord. I also made some new friends there. Salmone, Joy, Angela, and Simone were just a few. It was such a joy not only to connect with old friends but to find new ones to love also. I especially enjoyed getting to know Joy and Salmone because they were both hungry to know the Lord more. Also because our conversations seem to be right with the heartbeat of what God was doing there. Angel also was such a joy to get to know. She has such a big heart and is a joyful servant of the Lord. Simone was so full of creativity and is ready to be a part of what God is doing in the arts in Switzerland. We had a time of outreach while there and we were able to touch the hearts of the people in this city.

We spent the next week like a rock skipping across water. We went from Aarau to Thun for a day trip and then to Wetzikon to minister the next day. When we arrived in Wetzikon it was dark and we were tired. When I got up the next morning I woke up to an amazing breakfast and the view took my breath away. I have to say this also our host families took such great care of us. We had the most amazing meals and felt so loved and taken care of. We experienced so much of the Swiss culture and history and we got chocolate everywhere we went. We spent that whole day there and ministered toIMG_5954 the whole church. We did a service in the morning had lunch with the church and taught workshops that afternoon. We got to see so many lives touch and people get healed and activated in their creativity. I painted a painting that was a deer on the mountaintop that went along with a scripture I got while there. SOS 2:10-15 It so spoke of everything the Lord was showing me while I was there. About how he had hidden me for a time and now was taking me to new places and that he was revealing my destiny through it and so much more. It also had to do with the book I spoke of earlier. I gave it to a lady at this church and she was so incredibly blessed. From there we were off to a new town. Rothirst and Oftringen. We spent the next two nights there. We had a full day of ministry to a group there and there was one man who was so touched and healed by a painting that he offered to take the team on a train ride to Bern in a few days. While here in Rokreuz

I was able to reconnect with another old friend from first-year Regina. She joined us as we traveled next to Lucerne for a day of sightseeing and then to Rotchrist and Zug. Our translator Jutta is from Lucerne, so we had a guided tour of this beautiful town. Jutta knew her town well and told us of the rich history of the Swiss and the city, It was such a blessing to go along with her and to have time to reconnect with Regina. It was such a joy experiencing the Swiss culture and when we arrive at our next destination we got a taste of true Swiss tradition, Raclette. It was so delicious. We had a great time the next day in Zug and Rokreuz where we did some outreach, got to worship in a bell tower, saw a double rainbow, released more creativity, and got to reconnect with friends. It was a grand visit. Oh yes and one more thing we made our own chocolate bars in Switzerland. We also got to visit and Chocolate factory and make our own chocolate as well as minister to the young lady who helped us.

Then we were off to a train ride for the team and some fun driving through Switzerland for me. I dropped the team off at the train station and then got to drive to Bern for our day off. God is really into gifts and surprises. We met up as a team in of all places Starbucks. It seems we can’t get away from the US even in Switzerland. Well God had divine appointments everywhere we go even in bathrooms. I met a young lady who had gone to the school in the bathroom and we were able to minister to her and her friend before we left. This city was the city of our other translator Manuela who took us around and showed us the Capital city and the beautiful views. We had a picnic lunch, sang in an old church, ministered to many along the way and still had some time for shopping. After that Manuela and her Mom, Sophie hosted us at their home with Swiss fondue and in an old farmhouse. It was delicious and beautiful. We were able to minister to some friends of the family and after and good nights rest we were off to France for the weekend.

We went to a little town on the German/French border called Algolsheim. Because it was so close to Germany and the drive was shorter to go through Germany I got to go through three countries on this trip. It was good to be in Germany again even if it was not for an extended trip. France was very different than Switzerland. Yet in its own way it was very special to me. Rachel and Jon Had gone to school with us in the First and Second year. Se we knew them. We also got to see Vanessa who interned with Theresa last year. This was a place where God kept melting my heart. I did not come with a big word where I just kept seeing God working so beautifully and working in ways that were so outside the box of a traditional church. They had a bowling alley, a skate park and a gym in the same building and it was all run by the church. I kept seeing explosions going off in the spirit. So naturally, when I painted I could not get away from the explosions. I painted an artisans well that was exploding. Representing the old wells of revival being re-dug and springing forth bigger than before. These people were so hungry and they were three countries coming together in unity for the same purpose to release creativity and God to those around them.

Our last stop was in Zurich where we were hosted by the wonderful family of Jonas Lohner. They gave us the royal treatment and we had a wonderful meal together. We were very blessed they even got up and had tea and coffee with us before we left. They were such a blessing.

God showed me on this trip that not only were the places that we were visiting were experiencing a change in season but I also was experiencing it. Another cool thing that happened was that while I was on this trip and without her knowing what I had painted Lori from Minnesota texted me the scripture Psalm 18:30-36

This scripture confirmed everything the Lord was speaking to me. It is such a blessing to not only hear the Lord but also to have what your hearing confirmed so beautifully.

So what is next… in a couple of weeks Graduation signifying the end of my journey as a student. Before that, I will be serving my last time at many different events. Also, I will be moving to a new home right now for the summer and possibly into next year. I have been working part-time for Theresa and have been offered to join her team. I will be working in many areas of her ministry. The biggest thing right now will be the School of Creativity the week after graduation. This adventure is just getting started. I will be helping people and churches all over the world become creative. The other bonus is I Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 4.35.22 PMwill be getting help. Theresa wants me to have my own interns. I asked the Lord for one and He is giving me two. That will be such a blessing. So I am in the process of becoming a Mentor for the third year students. Instead of being mentored I will now mentor others. So the transition is here and the waiting is over, I am about to step into a whole new Adventure in my life and a place of promise. I thank and bless each one of you because so many of you have prayed for me and supported me on this journey. Without you there I could not have done this. Thank you so much. I am blessed so many of you are still following my journey.

I invite you each to cover me in prayers for the following issues.

Please Pray

  • Easy transition in the moves and work changes.
  • My interview to be a mentor next year on Apr 30th
  • For a stream of income to come, that provides for me long-term
  • Favorable settlements (VA is still deciding)
  • Finishing well!
  • For everything to come together with the School of Creativity and for it to be the best one yet.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support I could not have made this journey without you. Once again I always enjoy hearing back from you and welcome your partnership in my adventures.


Elizabeth Zinn

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