The Adventure Continues – Jan/Feb 2018

Hello from Redding, CA, Merritt Island, FL, soon to be Harrisburg, PA and Switzerland and France. Thank you to all of you who gave to help me go to Switzerland and France. I have my trip paid off and I am ready to go! Life has been very busy. There has been so much going on I am not sure where to start?

Let’s start with my Christmas gift from the Lord. Over the Christmas break, I chose to stay in the Redding area. I traveled to see my family over Thanksgiving it was a blessed trip. A few days after Christmas break started I received an email saying I had been hired and I would start my orientation

on Jan 8. So I started the new year with a bang! I Started my New Year with a new job and with a trip to FL. Over the Holidays I enjoyed much rest and relaxation. I was blessed to have the apartment to myself and had much time to just be still and have some quality time with some of my good friends. In the beginning of December, we had the opportunity to bless the community with a holiday feast. I painted on stage a new painting called “A Season of Abundance”. He was showing that fall is not a season of loss. It is often seen that w

ay. Yet the leaves fall off to make room for new growth to let the tree rest so it can bring forth new fruit. Also, Fall is a time to gather the harvest of all you have sown.Over many years I have planted many seeds in lives and places and as a farmer would I expect a harvest to come from what I have planted. Our lemon tree in our backyard also held up to the word that the Lord was giving me through my painting. We had a harvest of lemons this year that was more than we could eat on our own. They also were some of the best lemons I have tasted in a long time. Then I went to a candlelight service with some good friends. It was a little challenging being away from family yet we made it work. The kids and I met on Messenger and rang in the New Year together. It was different but still good.

So I mentioned my third-year project. Each year at school as apart of our school we are asked to create a project that tells something about us, our calling, what God is doing in us this season and that shows our art skills and tells a story. God challenged me to take it to the next level. I kept feeling I needed to get more in touch with this project. So I felt He wanted me to take the painting and bring it to life. So I took a risk and God met me. It was crazy. So over Christmas break, I worked on my project and this

is the results. I will be presenting the project this coming monday at the second year track time. I am excited about this. What is God saying through this? Well, it all came about with the 40-day challenge that happened the day that was the anniversary of Paul’s death. This is the end of 6 years since he passed and the beginning of 7. The number seven represents completion. That rings true with me in so many ways. First I am in my last year of school here. I am completing my journey that I began after Paul’s passing. The journey to not only reset my life but also to pursue dreams that I had laid down and put on hold. I am living LIFE now I am Living Intentionally For Everything, Everyone and Every moment. The other thing the Lord was showing me that I am rising to a new place of power and authority in my life. God is positioning me for my destiny. I have been asked to join my mentor’s team next year. So God has things up his sleeve.

Speaking of the things God is up to. God gave me a job for Christmas and gave me an event opening an art show that my city service the Faces of Redding to bless the unsung heroes of our city. I cannot think of a better gift to receive than to celebrate other people. It was very uplifting to celebrate these people who have not been seen in what they do to bring positive change to the city, I have heard many stories of how people were touched in the process. We have received great feedback from the city and they are thinking they would like it to be an annual event. I guess you can say it is true the reward for hard work is more work sometimes.

So, I bet you are saying what more could you do that you haven’t told us about. Well I spent an extended weekend in Florida at the beginning of January. It was a great trip and I made many new friends there. They were an amazing church and I was especially blessed by the care given to me by my host and hostess Warren and Claudia. I was given care above and beyond the normal amount of care given. Thank you again for all your help and love. As you can see in the next group of pictures there is much more to come. I will be traveling this upcoming week leaving on thursday and will return on

Valentine’s day to California. Then I will be home until the 28th of Feb and I will depart for Switzerland and France. Two more checkmarks on my map oof places I have been. I will return to Cali on the 16 of March. Following that, I will be in full swing to pour all I am into the School of Creativity which will go from May 15th to the 18th. This is my next major project and I am looking forward to this. It is a chance to help people discover how creative they were made to be. Then I was able to connect with old friends Barb Miller and Amira Weller. Celebrated the Birthdays of Livi, Amiria, Dena and myself, Monday I get to welcome my daughter who is traveling the States to experience the more of what God has for her this next year. So there is a lot going on here. Stay close there are more adventures to come. It seems the Lord wants me to know that he put that adventure in my heart before I was born!

I invite you each to cover me in prayers for the following issues.

Please Pray

  • For a stream of income to come, that provides for me long-term
  • Favorable settlements (VA is still deciding)
  • For balance of work and rest
  • For safe travels and good ministry on my upcoming trips
  • For everything to come together with the School of Creativity and for it to be the best one yet.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support I could not have made this journey without you. Once again I always enjoy hearing back from you and welcome your partnership in my adventures.


Elizabeth Zinn

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