The Adventure Continues – September 2017

Hello from Redding, CA, Big Flat,CA on the Trinity River, and Sacramento, CA. I am featuring a picture of my husband Paul Sr. who passed away 6 years ago on the 14th of September. I could have never predicted this is what my life would look like. When interviewed at times people will ask you to tell them what your life will be in 5 years. It amazes me. To look back now. The Lord promised me that no matter what happened to Paul that God would take care of me. He has and He is continuing to take care of me. This month He has shown me how He will put his angels guard over me. This was demonstrated over me in many of my experiences this past month.

The adventure does truly continue. This summer marks my second summer in CA. The heat these last few weeks has been incredible. We have had almost two months solid of heat over 100 degrees and fires surrounding us. Part of what brought me here was the prayer that said as it is in heaven so let it be here on earth. There is truly an experience of heaven here yet, there are times it feels closer to that other place. Our prayers have been with those in Houston who have an abundance of water we are in great need of what they have. Maybe we could work out an even trade and things could be brought into balance. Well for now I am praying for the manifestation of Heaven here on Earth. I don’t know about you but my idea of heavenly weather is something in the mid 70’s with a mild breeze. For now we just find ways to cool off in the heat.

Adventure was born into my heart as a young girl. I started with jumping off the jump towers during the airshow on a zipline in a dress. I had to do it in style. This month I had another daring adventure on the Trinity river. The picture above is just one snapshot of our experience. We went for two reasons… one was to beat the heat I referred to earlier the other was to have FUN! As I mentioned earlier I love adventure and what I find fun is not always everyone else’s idea of fun. Although if you look over the pictures you can see that God demonstrated to me how He could allow me to do something I love, and yet He kept me safe and in the boat. It is a miracle that I was able to stay in the boat. God’s care is the best care. He has been demonstrating to me more and more how He can a will care for me. This can be exampled by tonight as I had been praying about how it would be nice to house sit for someone and my Mentor asked me to come to her beautiful house and watch her dog and her house for a night. I am truly blessed!

School is underway! My Tuition is Paid in full! Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous giver the last amount I owes was paid before the deadline. Our first day of class was last Tuesday. This next week is when things really get rolling. Monday may be a holiday yet the rest of the week makes up for it. Tuesday is loaded full with classes in the morning, painting in the 1st year classes, followed by a third year meeting, then off to Sacramento to prepare for a Hearing on Wednesday Morning. Then hearing on Wednesday with the DAV/VA for a settlement over Paul Sr. death and benefits and back to Redding to hang pictures in City Hall. Thursday will be painting in 2nd year classes, Friday will be off to Santa Cruz, CA for a Ministry Trip returning on Sunday. This is just a small picture of a week in my life this year. There are have also been opportunities to experience art in new realms. Recently I was able to experience Virtual Art. I was able to experience 3d interactive art. Art where I was able to walk around what I was creating. It was amazing. I was able to draw a burning bush and walk around it as I created it. Now I know what I want to ask God for to get me this Christmas. Whether it is virtual art or the real deal. I am surrounded by the goodness of God in every way.

Being immersed in God surrounds you with His love and protection. That is what He has been showing me in every way. That is why I painted this most recent painting. It was to represent just that. It is amongst one of my favorite pictures so far. God has been challenging me to step out of the style of painting I would normally paint and challenging me to think outside the box. That was part of why I sooo enjoyed the virtual art. I think mostly to the freedom it gave me to allow my imagination to go outside of the way I would normally do something. To be surrounded by God “Immersed” by Him and yet be free to be all He has made me to be… all while I am in His watchful protection. So that was some of the inspiration for this painting.

Date: 8-25-17

Where: Bethel Church

Name: Elizabeth Zinn

Title: “Immersed”

Meaning: Psalm 46

It is about God being our refuge… God covering us even when it seems like all is challenging around us… being immersed in Him. His living water (the word of God) washing over us and being still and Knowing He is God. Knowing He is close and is protecting us.

I do have some prayer points for you as you partner with me.

  • The hearing with the DAV/VA on a settlement giving service connection to Paul Sr.’s cancer. If awarded I will receive possibly survivor benefits and back pay to the date the settlement was applied for. So please agree with me for a favorable settlement. The hearing happens on Wednesday at 9AM PST. Then the case will be heard in Washington at a later date. Please also pray for this appeal to be heard soon. As it has been in appeals for 8 years.
  • Please pray for the fires in CA. Please pray for the fire crews and for the fires to be contained.
  • A relief from the heat. We would welcome a break from the 100+ temps. Many of us are welcoming the fall weather. The Rain would help with the fires too. We need a soaking rain though.
  • Safe travels I have at least two trips this month and possibly another next month.
  • Agreement that God will continue to cover me and care for me in this Great Adventure.

I am painting this week about three times and I have been working on some others trying some new techniques. If you’re interested in purchasing any paintings (I will be adding to them) Click Here or wish to make a donation to my school Travel account (which is tax deductible and helps to cover the costs of my trips) you can Click Here.

Thank you again for the way each of you have supported me on this journey through prayers and so much more.. I do enjoy hearing from you as well. Please do let me know how you are doing.

So may the Lord cover you and immerse you in His love and blessings over your life.

Please know I am well and traveling

Love and Blessings to ALL!

Elizabeth Zinn

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