The Adventure Continues – March 2017 Update

fullsizerender-3Hello from Redding & Pasadena California and within about 48 hours Cape Town, South Africa. I have to say I am excited. My featured selfie is with Livi and Liezel in honor of the first day I met Liezel when I picked her up from the airport.  Let’s just say it has been a wild ride since then. We are heading to Cape Town for a conference on how to use the Arts to touch people and to help them to know God and receive healing.  Liezel lived a short distance from where we will be having the conference.  Looking forward to touching more lives and seeing my friend.

Downtown Pasadena
Speaking of impacting people Pasadena was a great trip we were able to encourage  many people and bless them.  We were on a trip to equip and refresh the leadership of the school and the many ministries that are at the college campus where we stayed.  I had the opportunity to paint a painting and give it away to a woman at the church where we ministered. The Lord blew me away when I picked her out only to find out her name

My Painting
was Elizabeth. I met four people who were named Elizabeth on this trip and the street by where we were staying was also Elizabeth. I think that the Lord was confirming to me that He likes the fact that I have embraced being called Elizabeth again.

There are many examples of people in the bible who get a new name when they enter a new place with God:  Jacob became Israel, Abram became Abraham, Simon became Peter, Saul became Paul. With each change these people embraced a deeper understanding of who God was calling them to be. God has taken me to new places with Him and since i came out here. In the beginning of my first year my name badge was made as Elizabeth. I was going to change it to Beth yet the Lord encouraged me to leave it. You see “El” is a pre fix that means God. when I took that off my name I was taking part of what God has bless me to be out of my name. When we speak things from our mouth we have power in our words. When I say Elizabeth I am speaking my identity over myself. In first year I did not fully embrace that, I had a name badge with Elizabeth but everyone called me Beth. during the summer the Lord told me that if I would fully embrace my identity He would bless me even more.  So at the start of Second year I choose that I would embrace what God had done in my life and I would go by Elizabeth again. Well my name badge was BETH … so I began to work to get a new badge. Two months later I had it all worked out. You see my name represents who I am called to be. God knows my name and what He has called me to be. He knows you also. He has a plan and purpose for you. What does you name mean?? What is His plan and purpose for your life??

March 6th – 14th
So what is next?  South Africa next week, in 25 days I am off to Cuba,

March 30 – Apr 11
and then Six Flags in San Francisco. Thank you to those who have sown into my trips. I have been able to fund all of my trips except for what I have left to raise for Six Flags.  I need $200 yet because of some of the money that was saved on my plane tickets i have all but $50 paid. so I only need $50 to be fully funded on all of my trips.  There is so much else going on. I painted at the Prothetic Conference. It was a real honor to

My painting from the conference
paint there.  Our School planting team did our test launch for our school it was amazing and well attended this was one of the high points of my month.  I have had a few low points in that

Charlie and Gladys you are missed
my Uncle and Aunt passed away within a day of each other they were such a blessing to my life and I will miss them.  There is so much going on from City service to trips with friends to Mount Shasta. This has been a power packed month. Also I would like to

Our Logo for our School
thank all those who have prayed fro the Drought here in CA. There is a phrase I heard when I first came hear that people were encouraged to not water their lawns and embrace “California Gold” which was the color of all the grass everywhere. Well my featured image is evidence the it is now GREEN everywhere.  People who have

The Drought is gone…Water is abundant
lived here for years said it has never been this green.  It seemed impossible that this drought could be broken,”But God” had a different plan. In two years time most of the California rivers are full and overflowing.  Please do pray that the rain does regulate so we do not too much flooding.

Thank you again to all who have prayed an partnered with this journey. I could do none of this without you.  I am so thankful for each of you. I wish I could be there to hug all your necks, but I am on a new adventure now.  I do have some prayer needs to consider in this new season:

  • Lives will be touched and changed
  • Safe Travels and Health
  • Continued direction for the future (Third year? Job for summer? What’s Next??)
  • I finish well as Graduation is around the corner
  • God’s continued direction

As always if you are welcome to come out and visit here.  We are moving out of our rainy season and into our hot summer days.  So there will be plenty of sunshine soon.  If you would like to give to my travel fund please click on the link below. I only need $50 to meet my goal for this trip. We will be sharing the love of God with people in the park.


Elizabeth  Email me 

April 22nd

Click Here to Give

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