The Adventure Continues – January Update 2017

file_000Hello from Redding, Mexico City, Texas and soon to be more places. Oh the places you will go! It is no longer just a phone message for me. Yes! I am living the adventure now! December had many ups and a single down. Mostly up’s though. So, much is happening! Life is going a full speed ahead. I am halfway through my second year of school. Life is truly the adventure now. I did much traveling in the End of 2016 and it was just the beginning of more to come in 2017. God has truly opened up doors for me to TRAVEL to many new places. I will update you more after highlighting the Mexico and Texas trips in Dec.

In mid December I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Mexico Cityimg_6352We had the honor of ministering in several places. The first place was a place where the help girls that are coming out of sex trafficking. We had the chance to pray over the staff that works with the girls. We were blessed to have the honor of holding up their arms for a day and helping them be encouraged. Next we had the opportunity to bless students at one of the Ministry Schools
in Mexico City. We worshiped with them and then we were able to teach them about img_6381the Love of the Father, Honor, Humility, Healing and How to Transform a City with Art. We then had the ability to take them out and teach them how to love people and bless them. We saw 3 people come to know Jesus on our outreach. It was truly a blessed time. On Sunday our last day there we had the opportunity to minister are Pana De Via Church. We had the opportunity to minister to about 1000 people at two services. We later had the chance to see their new building that they hope to move into in March. Please pray and partner with themimg_6360 to finish there building. While seeing their new building I had a close encounter with a staircase that did not go so well. I fell and broke a finger and a bone in my hand. All is well and I am on the mend. Sometimes you just hit those speed bumps in life.

15826850_10154945083088307_7283661839546128042_nSo my Christmas vacation started a little earlier this year because I could not work due to my hand being broke. So I went home a little early to Texas to spend Christmas with Alicia and Paul Jr. I successfully surprised Paul Jr. He knew I was coming home but not that early. We had a great visit together and we celebrated Paul’s upcoming birthday a little early. We also had a great adventure thanking all those and a few extras for helping me to move out of my house. We all had a grand time escaping out of the ZERO Dark 30 Escape room. It was soo much fun. I was 15781561_10154933792023307_5845230341530326738_nalso thankful for the opportunity to connect with all the churches that blessed my life in Texas. It was a blessed time with family. I wish I could have seen more of you.

The Lord told us in the Great Commission to GO and Make Disciples of ALL the Nations. We I am taking Him seriously. We live in an age where we can travel to the other side of the globe in a matter of a day or two sometimes. I remember when I was a young girl praying one night before going to be and saying God bless the WHOLE WIDE WORLD because that is what He wants for everyone. He is giving me that opportunity in 2017 and beyond. I have applied for and been accepted on two more trips. I will be traveling to Pasadena, CA from Feb 17-21, then I have the great privilege of going to Cape Town South Africa from Mar 6th-13th and finally to Cuba from Mar 30th -Apr 11th. I am super excited for all these trips. We pour into others who are doing the same. We are making disciples. Most of the trips are for supporting ministry schools that are doing just that. The trip to South Africa will be for teaching people to be creative in their churches and communities. All I can say is I am LIVING INTENTIONALLY FOR EVERYTHING!

I would like to invite you to partner with me on these trips. I would love for you to please pray not just for where I am going but also for where I have been. I am planting seeds everywhere I go. As you partner with me on this journey you are a partner with the harvest that is being planted and harvested. Thank you to all of you who have prayed and supported me in this journey it truly is the GREAT adventure.

There is always opportunity to partner financially. If you wish to give to any of my trips it is tax deductible. For Pasadena or South Africa or Cuba you can click in the picture to donate. Thank You for being a part of this journey with me.d7d7b5c222a38035076b82646a2cf59a




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