The Adventure Continues – November/December Update

file_002Hello from Redding, CA, Bend, OR and soon to be many parts  of the US and the world.  I have truly entered into a New Season of life.  This has been a month of thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for.  In September I sold my house and on Oct 14th I closed the deal. I am grateful for this new season where I do not have to strive to pay my school bill any longer. The Lord had a way not only for me to get out of debt but also to be able to take a breather and not worry about this year trying to make the rent payment or pay school bills etc.  I am still working at Orchard Hardware and supply. 14232603_10154267456511886_8347689755375808576_nMy school schedule is much busier this year so, I have had to drop my avaiblity down to two days a week. I love my job and work environment I am now working in the Nursery caring for plants. It is such a breath of fresh air as I get to spend sometime outside.

Life and school has been busy but good. I continue to give thanks for the many opportunities God has given me. I have painted on stage several times and I give thanks for the honor to be able to share my file_003art with others. I am working on a painting of a sunflower that I hope to finish soon. I have had a few good times lately to spend more time on this painting. I am very blessed with the progress. I will be getting it scanned and I hope to have prints available in the next month or so.  Please let me know if you are interested in buying a print of this painting. I will send you a link to order one when it is finished. This painting seems to be my journey through this year of school. it started in the first week of school and came as an inspiration from something God showed me last year. As I have been painting it the Lord is showing me how he is crafting me through the process of this year to be a better reflection of His Glory. The scripture Isaiah 61:11
For as the earth brings forth its sprouts,
And as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up,
So the Lord [a]God will cause righteousness and praise
To spring up before all the nations.
is written on the canvas under the paint. I believe this is part of what he is speaking to me through this painting. Isaiah 61 is the scripture Jesus read in the synagog and it is the scripture that I believe He is calling us to. We are anointed like Him because He lives in us. So His mission is our mission. We are called to restore the broken and bring liberty to the captives.  I believe this chapter explains my life so well.  I feel this is something I am called to do. Restore cities and nations. He has cause me to spring up and learn to walk in His righteousness and praise and where I go this will go with me from here to the nations.
I have two passions one sharing the love of God with people and the other is travel. I have Plaza de la Constitucion (the Zocalo, the Cathedral) in Christmas. Mexico City. Mexicobeen looking forward to the day that the door would open for me to do all of the above. The time has finally come. I just returned from a ministry trip to Bend,OR. It was incredible to be there and to do what I love, Paint love on people and travel. On Friday the 8th of Dec, I fly to Mexico City where I will have the opportunity to teach other student d7d7b5c222a38035076b82646a2cf59ain Mexico how to do what I have learned here in their country. To say I am excited is an understatement. I the Spiring I will fly to Cuba and do the same. I am very encouraged to go to Cuba at this time in history. All my life Fidel Castro has been in power. It is almost like there is a new season coming to this country. I have an expectation that we will return with many stories of hope and new growth there. I may be taking at least one more ministry trip in January or February time frame.
I will also be traveling in December from the 25th to the 1 of Jan. I am returning to Cedar 12240007_10153625786033950_3741207815848681034_nHill, TX to visit my kids and friends. I am super excited for this trip. Paul D Zinn Jr will be turning 30 in January and since I can take more time off in Dec, we decided it was best that I would come then.  So we are planning a celebration to honor this milestone in Paul’s life.  We are hoping to make it a extra special celebration of his life! Please be watching you mail for an invite to the party. Please know we do not expect everyone who receives an invite to come. We would love for that to happen. We want you to know if you get an invite to the party it is because you have done something to help make Paul the man he is today.  If you cannot make it to the party we are asking you to write a note/card of encouragement to him or make a short video to show him how blessed we are that the Lord has done so much in his life.
travel-quotes-01Thank you for all those who have partnered with me in my journey so far. Without each of your prayers and support I would not be here today. Thank you for being a part of my life and making it so rich. If you would like to help in any way through prayer and support you can do that. As it stands right now my trip to Mexico City is fully funded. Most of that cost was covered by my travel fund that came from my tuition.  As of today I have enough funds to cover most of my trip to Cuba in my missions account. I currently need $950 to pay off this trip.  I have funds that I could pull from. Yet I know the value of allowing others to sow into what God is doing here and in Cuba. I am taught here daily the value of community and how we need to invest in each other. So if the Lord so moves you here is the link for my missions account which is a tax deduction for those who give. If you give to this link it can go to any of the trips I go on this year.

Also I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
Safe travels while having fun and adventures

God’s guidance as I travel to Mexico City
God’s wisdom and direction for next year and the future

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen. Please stay tune in for more of The Adventure Continues.

If you wish to write me a letter or send me a card or care packages which are joyfully accepted! You can snail mail me at this address.

Love and Blessings,

Elizabeth Zinn
PO Box 493813
Redding, CA 96049

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