The Next Great Adventure 2.0! October 2016 Update

14232603_10154267456511886_8347689755375808576_nHello Friends and Family,      

Greetings from Redding & Chico, CA. With the setting of one season God is launching another. And were off! School is in full swing now. It seems hard to believe that it has been a whole month already. So much has been happening since school began. The Lord brought many changes and transitions to me at the beginning of this school year. One of the biggest was God showing me it was time to sell my house in TX. This decision did not come lightly. I took the whole summer to pray and ask Him for his direction. My heart was not to make a hasty decision. As the decision would affect many more than just myself. Being here in CA and selling a house while starting school in is not really the most awesome timing or convenience for anyone. Yet it was God’s timing and many are being stretched in this place. The decision came because I feel it is timing for me to lay down the things I have had behind me and to payoff debt that was brought on by the house. Working my job here barely pays my rent. So when I was seek the Lord for what to do He used the example of Moses standing at the Red Sea and asking God what he should do to help save the Israelites. Pharaoh and his army was behind them and the Red Sea was in from of them. The Lord simply instructed Moses to use the rod in his hand. My rod is my 381567_10150383548696886_543723086_nhouse. I received a full price offer on my house on the anniversary of Paul Sr’s death. This was only two weeks after is was placed on the market. The closing is set for Oct 10. This was a beautiful picture of God’s love and blessings over my life. Also it was a beautiful way to enter into a new season of redemption in my life. Selling it will allow me to be debt free and also to invest in other things that will not hold me back from what God intends for me in this next season. Yet in making this decision there are those who were renting from me who are looking for a new place to stay and having to deal with all the stuff in my house. Although I did go through most everything before leaving there is a lot to still deal with. So please if you could pray for Alicia, Paul and the Beiler Family. We are all in a difficult place as the house will close on Oct 10. So the Lord is finishing one chapter in my life and is already starting a new one.

14333095_10208976456141182_4210289117786083440_nThe picture you see in my profile of this letter was part of the new chapter. I was not planning on doing much art this year. I was going to switch my focus to writing this year.  The picture to the left was a picture taken by a friend of mine. It is an honor to paint on the stage at this church. It was not my goal to do so. Yet God had a different plan than I did. He gently guided me through others to take a step of faith and meet Him with my easel. I have been in school now four weeks and I have been asked to paint three times. Once each week. This painting once finished will be available for purchase. I already have several people asking me for it. And it is not done yet.  Yet there is something amazing that people desire something that is undone in my eyes. I am very thankful for this honor and privilege to serve in this place it is my hope and dream to steward it well.   


Chico was my retreat this year. I had the amazing privilege to serve and amazing group of artist. The retreat is set up that when the first year students come they receiving blessings over their lives from the second year students. My team did an amazing job. They drew and painted pictures and blessed the incoming students.  It was another place where we saw art img_6008touch the lives of other and encourage them to be all God has made them to be. While at retreat I also helped to activate artist to paint on stage. I love seeing people learn to use their gifting to bless others.  

I have such a great God. He did an amazing thing. Last month I needed $265 to be half way. I had some money in my account but it was only $180 to pay toward my bill. A few days before the bill was due I sold a piece of furniture I had been trying to sell for over a year for $100. So I was able to put that on my bill. Bringing my need to $165. I was standing in the line for school to register and I got called into the pay by cash line because I was going to use my money to pay the bill.  Well one of the finance people called over to me when she saw me because I had fixed her computer over the summer. She asked what I owed and got out her money and paid my $165 balance. So I did not have to pay my money. Because of that I was able to bless another student who needed money.   The current balance of my bill is $2185. I am due to make a payment on my bill on October 15th 2016. Right now my immediate need would be for $190.00.  The reason for this is that we have our mission trip in March and April. We need to apply for those trips from Oct 5th through the 12th. If I owe more than $2000. I cannot apply for the international trips. It is my desire to go on one of these trips. Each of these trips have about 2500 students applying for 20 people per trip. So the need to sign-up early is very helpful. My funds are tied up until the 11th of Oct. I am willing to wait. Yet I am hungry to travel. So I am torn. I can payoff my school bill on Oct 11th. Yet I do want to give you all the chance to sow into this field that is ripe to grow the seeds that are planted. Honestly every little bit helps in this season.  If you would rather have a piece of art proceeds from my painting sales will help me in this process.

It only cost $30 for one of my Love painting prints. About $15 of that painting goes to my school. The rest is cost of printing and shipping. They are fine art prints of exceptional quality. It will brighten your home and also you know you are supporting a good cause. I would need to sell about 200 paintings to pay for my school.  If you are interested in a painting then please click this link below.


I have them available in small medium and large sizes. The measurements of the actual print are not exactly the size of the frame you would need for it. If you buy the larger painting it will cost more. You can see the pricing on my website. As I get more paintings completed and scanned I will make them available.

Please know that any way you partner with me in this journey please know your impact is reaching beyond just me you are reaching the globe. I have opportunities daily to invest in others from around the world. Please know my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you often. Know that I am stalking most of you on Facebook and I am praying for the Lord to bring blessings and the richness of His love into your lives. I am grateful for each of you who have invested in me.  

If you wish in anyway to partner with this journey through a donation please click the link below.  screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-01-29-am

Any amount paid to this link from this point will be applied to my tuition. This tuition includes all the books I read for school and $700 of that goes to pay for travel on ministry trips. We are not allowed to travel until our tuition is paid in full.  As you can tell I love adventure and I would love to take you with me… to do that, I need your partnership in prayers and support as the Lord leads.  

Also I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

  • My closing to come together and go smoothly
  • Transitions to go smoothly. Kids and Beiler’s to find and get settled in their new homes.
  • Mission trip selections and school funds to be paid and worked out
  • Me to embrace the art and realize He knows the path he has for me.
  • Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
  • Safely while having fun and adventures

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen.  Please stay tune in for more of NEXT Great Adventure! 2.0

If you wish to write me a letter or send me a card or care packages which are joyfully accepted! You can snail mail me at this address.

Love and Blessings,


Elizabeth Zinn

PO Box 493813

Redding, CA 96049

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