The Next Great Adventure 2.0! August 2016 Update

12705747_10153795394546886_751951486024015174_nHello Friends and Family,      

Greetings from Redding, Fremont, and Woodland, Whiskeytown, Lake Shasta, CA.

It is hard to believe it has been a year since I arrived here in Redding, CA. Wow what a year it has been. Today is one year ago that I set foot here. I began my great adventure with God.  I am so thankful to God first for His faithfulness in sustaining me over this last year. Second I want to thank each of you who have cheered me on from afar. I give thanks to those who have sown seeds into my life through prayers or investment in this journey. Your seeds are far reaching. You cannot see now the impact of this harvest that has been planted in my life and the lives of those I have had the pleasure of knowing over this last year.  Those seeds will produce a great harvest. This has truly been a great journey!  

I give thanks to my parents for the value they instilled in me to not just live in a place but to experience it.  I have truly lived that out this month.  I have had the opportunity to travel a little this past month. I was able to reconnect with Jill (Biggs) Smith and her new husband. We had a File_000wonderful time when I visited them in their home. As a part of my journey, God has been using sunflowers to speak about His love and blessing over my life. The painting I am posing with is a vision (a picture in my mind’s eye) that the Lord showed me. When I saw it, I saw a field that did not end of sunflowers. I was just walking through the field with my arms outstretched feeling the flowers. This painting is a reminder to me of God’s love and blessings he has for me in my life. So part of my trip included a visit to a sunflower field. Since it was late in the summer. It is hard to find a fully blooming field. But, when in doubt looking for something “ask the locals” I was hungry so I stopped at a well rated diner.  So, I asked a waitress where I could find a field. She said right next to her house and it was a field that she rented to the farmer. She gave directions and permission to go to the field and take pictures. I will not be just taking pictures of the flowers I plan on painting them also. I am praying about a series of paintings of flowers and another one on birds. I am exploring way to make my art more available for those who would like to own a print of one of my paintings. The Lord has put me in contact with a person here who prints and scans paintings.  So I am working on a way to make it easy for those of you who would like to have a painting.  It is my dream to have my art used to support good causes.  Worthy causes that will help people and to transform communities.  I recently found a t-shirt that said it all to me. It said dream, believe, do and repeat. That has really been a reflection of my life this past year. I am not walking in the fullness of all my dreams yet. I plan to keep doing what this shirt says until I have no breath in my lungs. I plan to keep dreaming and reaching for new dreams everyday.

13728918_10154158419366886_2762319351683423711_nLiving Intentionally For Everything – LIFE this was an acronym that Paul Sr and I came up with when we were faced with the end of his life coming up faster than we had planned. He would have been 57th this July 30th. To died at 52 is way too early.  Yet in life we must face the end of our life. Thankfully he knew the Lord and I am thankful that he is in heaven with Jesus. Living LIFE means I don’t sit around and wait for life to happen. I live it intentionally. I go out and do the things I have dreamed of doing I don’t wait for the stars to align. I dare to take risks and believe! Sometimes you do it scared and sometimes you are having the time of your life.  You live life in community with people who encourage you to be the best you, you can be.  You take time to enjoy life and you don’t just work to live.  You dare to invest your time and energy into something that changes the way we live life and make it better for others instead of sitting on a computer complaining about what is wrong with this world. You choose a different status quo.  You choose to find things you can do that is within your budget. Did you know it does not cost you any money to float down a river, or go on a hike with friends and wade through a mountain stream, or have a picnic by the lake.  There are ways File_000(1)to impact your community there are way to transform your community. Look for ways you can volunteer in your community to give back to them, take cookies to firemen, push a cart back to the store instead of leaving it in the parking lot, take time to say a kind word to someone who is serving you instead of complaining. Simple acts of kindness go a long way in bringing transformation. What are you doing to make a difference?

Change and transformation is still awaiting me. In a few short weeks I will be moving to my new home for this next year. I realized after this last newsletter I forgot to include my new address. I have decided to get a PO Box because it makes it easier with all the transition.  I will make sure that is at the end of this letter. So close behind my new home I will be starting my next year of school. Because of the generosity of people I have been able to payoff close to half my school bill. It is my goal to see my remaining balance paid off before the deadline of the early payoff date.  Which is August 29th 2016. If my bill is paid off by then I get a discount of $225.00.  Honestly every little bit helps in this season.  My remaining balance is $2745 as of today I would only need

IMG_5164128 people to give $100                                                           56 people to give $50                                                             140 people to give $20                                                             280 people to give $10

You have options also because if you would like something in return for your investments it only cost $30 for one of my Love painting prints. About $15 of that painting goes to my school. The rest is cost of printing and shipping. They are fine art prints of exceptional quality. It will brighten your home and also you know you are supporting a good cause. I would need to sell about 200 paintings to pay for my school.  If you are interested in a painting then please click this link below.

I have them available in small medium and large sizes. The measurements of the actual print are not exactly the size of the frame you would need for it. If you buy the larger painting it will cost more. You can see the pricing on my website. As I get more paintings completed and scanned I will make them available.

Please know that any way you partner with me in this journey please know your impact is reaching beyond just me you are reaching the globe. I have opportunities daily to invest in others from around the world. Please know my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you often. Know that I am stalking most of you on Facebook and I am praying for the Lord to bring blessings and the richness of His love into your lives. I am grateful for each of you who have invested in me.

If you wish in anyway to partner with this journey through a donation please click the link below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.49.16 PMAny amount paid to this link from this point will be applied to my tuition. This tuition includes all the books I read for school and $700 of that goes to pay for travel on ministry trips. We are not allowed to travel until our tuition is paid in full.  As you can tell I love adventure and I would love to take you with me… to do that I need your partnership in prayers and support as the Lord leads.

Also I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

My dad is healing well but still needs prayer to restored health and strength

  • Finances, Debts paid off
  • Transitions to go smoothly
  • Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
  • Safely while having fun and adventures

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen.  Please stay tune in for more of NEXT Great Adventure! 2.0

If you wish to write me a letter or send me a card or care packages which are joyfully accepted! You can snail mail me at this address.

Elizabeth Zinn                                                                                                                                                 PO Box 493813                                                                                                                                       Redding, CA 96049
Love and Blessings,


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