The Next Great Adventure 2.0! June & July 2016 Update

Hello Friends and Family,

File_000Greetings from Redding, CA. It’s a new season. Summer is here and the heat is on! Sometimes I think to myself that God has spent a lifetime preparing for me to live here in Redding. I did not know before coming here that this is one of the hottest cities in the US. Wow, I did not expect that. God has spent a good portion of my life training me to live in hot climates. I have live in places like Florida (hot and humid), Oklahoma (ok hot but not humid), Saudi Arabia (hotter but not humid), the Philippines (hot and humid year round) Texas (more hot not so humid) to end up in Redding (very hot and not humid).  I thank God that He brought me here this year because this time last year it was 115. We have been spared the really hot temperatures this year. So far I think our top temp has been 108.  So we are rejoicing.

So when faced with so much heat we are challenged to find ways to cool off in these

File_006temperatures and find new ways to get cool. So to keep with my theme of Living the Great Adventure with God. I have tried some new activities this summer like Kayaking on the lake with a friend, go to the lake and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, or floating down the 45 degree Sacramento river with other friends. All of these activities show us ways that God is always working in our life and God using the very acts of living life to speak to us.  We have a journal we got at school to teach us core values to live by. Foundational values that help make the world a better place. One of them is teaching us how God is still speaking to us today.  I value that deeply because when I first came to know the Lord He taught me how he would speak to me. It is not like I hear His audible voice.  It is more like learning to tune your thoughts to recognized the still small voice of the Lord on the frequency of your brain. I have learned that He will use most anything to teach me if I am listening. He did just that when I was floating down the river theSundial_Bridge_Redding_CA other day. There are times in our walk with the Lord where were are floating on a journey with Him.  We are not truly driving but yet we are being carried along in the current of where He is taking us.  We truly are learning to rest and allow Him to guide us on that path.  Yet there are times in that journey where we can rest and relax and other times that call us to attention like, we did to prepare before we went and put on our sun screen so we don’t get burnt, or did we bring the right gear so we could be safe, like a hat and a flotation device to help keep us safe should we get into trouble.  Is our equipment right for the journey we are going on.  Then there is the places where we are required to see where we are going and engage in paddling so we don’t get hit by the obstacles that are on the river or the current that can pull you under and the cold that can render you ineffective.  It is crazy to me how He can take a crazy fun activity and teach me so much that is practical for my journey as a Christian.

File_001This is a small snapshot of what my summer has been like.  I have been moving on the journey down the river of God. Saying goodbye to old things and moving forward to new places. Watching out for things that may cause me harm and trying to be ready for what is to File_003come. In this whole process I have been resting in the Lord’s arm and listening closely for what is coming up next. I have moved from my old house, stayed at some friend’s house for the month of June and part of July,  watched their dogs, moved into a new house for the summer and interviewed for a new job. This has all happened since my last update.  The journey continues.  In the middle of all of this the Lord has brought provision for a good portion of my school bill to be paid off.  So far I have been able to pay off my deposit and I File_000(2)have received enough funds to pay close to half my school bill off. It is my goal to see my remaining balance paid off before the deadline of the early payoff date.  Which is August 29th 2016. If my bill is paid off by then I get a discount of $225.00.  Honestly every little bit helps in this season.

Please know that any way you partner with me in this journey know your impact is reaching the globe. I have opportunities daily to invest in others around the world. Please know my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you often. Know that I am stalking most of you on Facebook and I am praying for the Lord to bring blessings and the richness of His love into your lives. I am grateful for each of you who have invested in me.

If you wish in anyway to partner with this journey through a donation please click the link below.

Any amount paid to this link from this point will be applied to my tuition. This tuition includes all the books I read for school and $700 of that goes to pay for travel on ministry trips. We are not allowed to travel until our tuition is paid in full.  As you can tell I love adventure and I would love to take you with me… to do that I need your partnership in prayers and support as the Lord leads.  My current balance is:
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.49.16 PMAlso I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

  • Housing for fall to be secured
  • My dad to heal completely from His surgery
  • Transitions to go smoothly
  • Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
  • Safely while having fun and adventures

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen.  Please stay tune in for more of NEXT Great Adventure! 2.0

I forgot to let you know what my new address in Redding is … I have decided that because I seem to still have a bit of transition to go through and it is best to not keep changing my address… so I now have a PO Box

Elizabeth D Zinn,  P.O. Box 493813,  Redding, CA 96049

Love and Blessings,

Elizabeth Zinn

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