The Adventure Continues Spring 2016 Update


Hello Friends and Family,

IMG_5175Greetings from Redding, CA. Yes, folks this is me! Loving my city.  We have learned the importance of not just living in a city but actively serving our city. If you want change to happen in your community ask yourself what are you doing to serve your city and bring change. What doe that change look like and how can I be an active part of helping that happen.  Twice this year I have had the pleasure of serving my city by helping our city clean up and improve the parks and facilities in the city. They work hard to keep the city looking nice.  But it helps our city so much more having an additional work crew of 180 volunteer workers helping each week.  Our city is being transformed and prayed for as we work.  Our group was able to serve a few weeks ago.

I bet many of you have been asking what has happened to Beth did LA swallow her up or something else?  No is the answer to that question.  This has been a busy few months.  I spent the beginning of March very sick. No i did not get the flu shot. It might have been a smart choice to get one. It took me close to three weeks to get better.  So with school, work and being sick. I did not get my update written for March. So you ask what happened to April?? Well with the trip to LA and the rest I did not get April done either.  So what was left May. ow two weeks into May and the first two were graduation and all the rest.  I finally had a moment to breath and reflect on this journey. It has been a whirlwind of activities, adventures and seasons changing.


With the end of winter comes the beginning of spring.  Spring breaks out after the snow/rain diminishes from the winter season.  With the bursting forth of Spring the air is File_000(2)fresh with the fragrance of the flowers blooming everywhere. New life is break forth and change is in full swing. Such is true about this season of my life.  There has been and will continue to be over the next few months a lot of change.  We saw lives changed in LA. It was such a pleasure and privilege to travel to LA and have the opportunity to impact lives in LA.  once we got past our own fears and stepped out and just loved people they were more than open to allow us to pray for them and see the Lord pour out his love over them.  Two of the people I was able to meet was a young lady at the Union Mission in LA.  She taught me how to paint nails and she shared about her life and what God was doing for her.  We prayed over her dreams and I gave her my little backpack Bible.  She only had a little New testament I could tell she was hungry for more. So now she can feast on the whole word of God. I also was able to pray for her dreams to someday own an Apartment complex to help File_001(2)homeless people.  Wouldn’t that be like God to take someone who was homeless and transform them into someone who would really make a difference in this world. I hope she achieves all of her dreams.  Then there was Erine. He was a veteran that was homeless on the street. He asked for food but the Lord gave him so much more. Suffering from PTSD and having metal in both legs. He was angry and unable to walk without a cane. After we prayed for him. First to be healed over his PTSD and then for his legs to be restored.  He was not only no longer angry he was skipping and running without his cane then he preached the Gospel in his testimony. Praise God his life is being transformed.  We made sure he had a church to connect with and gave him bus fare to his home with his siblings.  This was just a little of what we experienced there.  We also had a stadium full of about 70,000 people that prayed and worshipped all day in the rain for God to bring renewal to our country.  It was a very blessed event.  The scripture that talks about the harvest is plenty and the workers are few, prayer for the workers of the harvest; this was a very strong picture of that.  From my calculations we had about 1 person for every 35 people. If we had a 100,000 it would have been 50 to one.  Wow.  I was very blessed by the people so hungry for change in life to stand in the rain all day.  

After that we returned home and hit the ground running.  Graduation was just around the File_000corner and we had a lot to do.  There were parties to go to, nights of blessings, commissioning and 4 different graduation ceremonies.  Then there was all the send offs for all those leaving town it has slowed down a little but it is still very busy. I took the week off after school partly because  have not had many days off.  That is still true.  I am working this week as a volunteer at the School of Creativity.  The Arts program here has been such a blessing to me this year that I felt it was right to give back to them.  So this week I am serving them.  I will be praying for File_002people and creating drawings for them about what God see in them.  I am excited to see how this week goes.  

I will be remaining here in Redding over the summer. I really know I am hearing from God to make that statement. Because it gets to be 115F(46C).  I am learning I have to speak in Celsius also for all my friends outside of the US. I will be working over Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.27.42 AMthe summer and hoping to raise as much money as possible.  Because as of this morning I have been officially accepted into Second year. I had my interview yesterday and today I got word on my acceptance.  What does that mean.  Well first I need $450 for my deposit by July 15th deadline.  In the midst of that I am looking for lodging over the summer then new lodging for the fall… and then School starts on Sept 7th. On Sept 6th I will need to have at least $2280 of my school bill paid for me to start school.  Then I will need two more payments of $1135 on Oct 3rd and Nov 7th. Ideally I would like to have it all paid before school starts. I will be traveling more but the good news is that $700 of the money from my tuition is for travel money.  Also the deposit is a part of all those totals and all my books are included.  Ideally I have hopes to work hard enough but not too hard to be able to pay my bill before school so I can relax and concentrate on school when it is back. I need to start reading right now.  That way I am prepared for this next season.  I am planning on taking some of my days off at the lake and doing some of my reading there. As always I welcome your prayers and partnership on this journey. I could not do this without you.

I am grateful for each of you who have invested in me.  Your seeds you planted last fall are File_001now producing the flowers of spring. From these flowers come more seeds of revival. You are reaching out and touching the world. I have not had to leave Redding… yet I minister to people from all over the world… when you bless me you bless them. Some of the countries are Germany, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, India, France, Canada, Bahrain and many more.

If you wish in anyway to partner with this journey please click the link below.  Once my deposit is paid I can begin paying toward my tuition.

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen.  Please stay tune in for the NEXT Great Adventure! 2.0

Love and Blessings,


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