The Adventure Continues! – December 2015 Update


Hello Friends and Family,      

Greetings from Redding. CA, This is me thinking of how blessed I have been in this season. There are times in your life that you realize that somet12278841_10153674354391886_3018392311404325471_nimes taking a risk and going out on a crazy limb might be a good thing. Well I am here today saying that these last few months have been amazing. I have so many of you to thank for that. I would not be here today if many of you had not seen the value in investing in what God is doing here. I am blessed beyond measure that my school bill is paid in FULL! Thank you to everyone who has given to me. I am forever blessed by your generosity.  

Tuition Paid!

I have heard it said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. 12295479_10153674581761886_4565315934199276295_n Well I have to say that doing a ropes course at 54 definately showed me how strong you need to be. Yet in the same manner I learned trust, teamwork, and that sometimes when you are headed in a direction that sometimes you have to sit and rest to reach your goal. I learned so much on that course. One of the most important things is that I am not on this journey alone. I cannot not get to where I am going without the support of others. Not just those who are here with me now but also those who are supporting me in prayer as well as those who were able to help financially.

My roommates and I recently traveled to Shasta mountain. It was a fun day and a much needed break.  Please know I am learning how challenging it is to stay in touch with all those who have helped me on this journey so 12316504_10153688484931886_4998312460714396287_nfar.  I go to school four days a week and work on the other three days.  With that schedule I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands. I am quite busy just trying to grow. Like this tree I saw while on the mountain that reminds me of this journey. It was growing in the rocky soil and harsh elements. It was a beautiful picture of how on the journey through life sometimes there are harsh seasons that take everything we have to get through it. In that season there is a strengthening that happens. You then become something beautiful to behold and your roots become deep.  

Every year each student is asked to take part in an adventure that takes 2500 students to various places all over the world on a mission trip.  This year after much prayer and consideration our leadership is partnering with an event that is much closer to home in Los Angeles called Azusa Now. We are believing for another outpouring of the Holy Spirit far eclipsing what took place at Azusa Street. On the 110th Anniversary of Azusa Street we invite you to join Bethel Church as we partner with The Call and many other ministries, to we flood Los Angeles with the proclamation of the Gospel, signs, and wonders! We are believing that the time is now for revival in one of the largest cities in America! And that from this event, history will be made and nations from around the world will be changed!


We are going to be in LA from April 4th-April 12th of 2016. Even though this trip is close to home, it still comes out to cost us $1300.00 to get down there and back and stay for 8 nights. So here is where I am asking for help. I have 3 due dates to pay for the trip.

I need to raise $400 by December 15th, 2015,

$450 by January 31st 2016,

And $450 by March 6th, 2016.

The great news is that donating to this trip is tax deductible!! Bethel will send you a form at the end of the year for tax purposes. You can donate to me online by going to and search for Elizabeth Zinn in the Search for a Traveler bar. Or if you would like to mail the a check the address is:Bethel Mission Trips Department, 20 Lake Blvd., Redding, CA 96003. Please include Elizabeth Zinn and Azusa Now in the memo line.

Oh yes if you want to come and visit please let me know ahead of time. So we can arrange for a visit. It is truly something you will want to come and experience for yourself.

My new address is 1617 Edgewood Dr, Redding, CA 96003

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure.


Love and Blessings,

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