Go West Young Women

They came in all shapes and sizes, the pioneers of the west. They came with a hope of a fresh start, a new beginning.  They hoped of a dream to stake a claim to a piece of land promising them something new. Many of them came from places of challenges. There was no guarantee they would not face any new struggles. Yet they came.  Pioneers – people who dared to go forth into the unknown, willing to take a risk to see their dreams come to a reality. This too was how my dreams came to be.  They had a willingness to go beyond the hopelessness of the loss of a spouse. Then daring to go west and see what dreams might be on the horizon for me. My dream started with a house in Nov 2011.

395272_10151013584836886_800314144_nIt had been two months to the day since I had lost Paul on 14 September 2012. After visiting Texas in late October and seeing the house there. The Lord stirred my heart to go back. I wish to let you know Texas would not be the dream location for me to live.  I am not fond of hot climates. I love the snow and I love trees, cool weather and mountains.  It fell short when it came to these things.  Yet the Lord was working on my heart. When I returned to North Carolina to settle things after Paul’s death I felt as if a piece of me had been left in Texas.  I had been asking the Lord what He would have me to do. Yet his answer to me was from a scripture in

Jeremiah 40:4

 But now, behold, I am freeing you today from the chains which are on your hands. If [a]you would prefer to come with me to Babylon, come along, and I will [b]look after you; but if [c]you would prefer not to come with me to Babylon, [d]never mind. Look, the whole land is before you; go wherever it seems good and right for you to go.”

I was challenged because I had been making most of the decisions over the last few years.  Paul had been sick and it made it hard for him to be the one to make the decisions.

Especially when his judgment was often clouded by the many medications they had him on. This time I wanted someone else to decide. Yet the Lord was leaving it up to me.  Life offers us some of its toughest choices and many times they come when we are face with decisions leaving us wondering what the right choice is.  We think we are making a bad choice if we choose one over the other.  Yet in this scripture God was telling me I had a choice.  Either there was blessing before Jeremiah.  He just had to choose. It would be whatever seemed right by him. So I had to now make a tough choice. Stay where I was or go to new place and break all the rules they say not to do right after you lose a spouse.  I chose to move to TX. It was not an easy choice.

I now have a different perspective in looking at the life of Ruth.  She too lost her husband and also chooses to move away right after her husband’s death.  She left her country and the people she loved, to follow a God to a place where she was not commonly accepted.  She was a gentile and they were not welcomed into the Jewish culture.  She also lost her primary support system.  What she was walking into was a place of uncertainty. Yet with her heart set strong to follow a God she was just coming to know. She decided to care for a woman who tried to talk her into staying where she was.  Ruth stepped out in big faith and a big God met her.  First he opened the doors of provision for her then he provided her with a kinsman redeemed.

So I decided to go to Texas.  To go west like the first settlers and dared to go forth on the big adventure with Him. To dare to see where he would take me and go and stake my claim on the land He was offering me.  He was birthing the seed of a dream in my heart.  I did not understand completely why I felt so drawn to this house. I guess you could say I saw in it what I saw in me. Something beautiful was in there and it just needed someone to believe in it and call it out. I saw a picture of redemption in the house.  I felt God calling me to come and pour my love into it as He poured His love into me.

384280_10150348882011886_1679532150_nI had to actually physically see the house before I could make an offer.  I did not get to see the house when I was there the first time.  I had a trip scheduled to go spend a week in California visiting a friend just  to rest some  after Paul’s Death.  I did some creative plane ticket booking. I bought a one way ticket from California to Texas and then another one way ticket from Texas to North Carolina. The Lord made it possible to get it done for around $200. What an awesome price.  I went to California for one week then flew to Texas stayed a week and then flew back to North Carolina.  While in Texas I landed went from the airport and met the Realtor and the inspector we had prearranged to have inspect the house. This way I knew what I was getting myself into.  By the time I set foot in Texas the price on the house had dropped down to $149,000 down from $189,000 the original asking price. Now we were getting into a ballpark figure I could work with. It was one of the reasons I was moving a bit quicker.  The Lord had been talking to me the whole time. He let me know I would have to contend a little for this house.  After the inspection I knew I had a kitchen remodel and floor to replace in the whole house. I figured a good $30,000 to invest to get the house back together.  So I bid way low at $125,000 cash. I was hoping with the cash deal they might meet me there. Nope, it was strictly business with them they were not even countering me. So I came up to $130,000 cash.  This time they did bite and countered me back at 134,000. Then the deal was sealed.

The Keys When I got on the plane over the weekend to head home I had a possible closing date of December 1st.  The wheels were set in motion. Because it was a foreclosure I had to occupy the house within 60 days of the closing. There was a lot to do to make the house ready to live in.  I needed to move quickly.   So I had to go back to NC arrange for movers pack a house. I needed to do as much as I could on the house before I left. Then move to TX and do it    all in reverse. Then try and get the new house somewhat liveable by Christmas.  This was going to be a God sized feat.  It was.  Somehow it all did happen.. Dec 3rd it became official I had my own piece of TX country.  I was going west to begin a new adventure and have a new beginning with Him.  So my journey started… now comes the race to the Holidays…A story to be told in the next blog.


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