From Rubble 2 Restore

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Rubble is something that most of us see as no longer useful.  It is often hard to find value in an object that is considered to be rubble.  Our lives can become broken in many ways and it may seem there is no way to make it new again.  I have found some ways to take situations and projects that seemed beyond hope and bring them to a place of restoration. The rubble came into my life when I lost my husband Paul to cancer. They say that when you lose someone close to you, it is not recommended that you should make any drastic changes in your life for at least a year.  It seems I broke all the rules. For me, my journey to healing all started with a house.  It was a house like many other houses that were on the market in October 2011.  The economy and the housing market suffered losses. The house had lost it’s family in April 2011 and I had lost Paul in September 2011.  So like this house I too was hurt and damaged and both of us needed to be restored.  It needed a little love and I had a vision. We both needed a fresh start and I was ready to try something totally new.

From the day I first saw it a little over a year ago.  I could see that it had almost everything I wanted in a house.  It was an all brick house in a great neighborhood with tall trees. Trees, especially tall ones, are something you don’t find common in this part of Texas. It reminded me enough of North Carolina but yet it was a fresh new beginning.  From all I knew about real estate this house had potential.  A word that is not taken lightly when you look at a foreclosure.  There are many unknowns that you face when you take on an endeavor like this.  One of them is, sometimes there are hidden challenges that can end up costing you more than it is worth. The Second challenge was I was a woman and a widow.  It seemed the odds were against me.

Much like David when he faced Goliath in the bible.  David knew He had God with to help him fight against his opponent.   Because David had the confidence in God giving him the strength he needed to overcome such a great foe.  Then he was able to use a simple tool to overcome his enemy. I too had a giant of a task before me. yet with God’s guidance I would get through this. I had to trust in what I trusted more than anything else.  The Lord had brought me through cancer and the loss of Paul, he was not going to back out on me now.  I could see what God sees in us.  A bit of rubble that could be brought to restoration. The Lord had challenged me to start dreaming again and this house seemed to be the spark I needed to light the fire of dreaming in my heart.  I was moving to Texas to be near to my adult children.  Who had just lost their father.  I had hopes we could all find a new beginning here in the place where the pioneers came to start their homesteads in hopes of a fresh start.

There are many of you out there who need just that, a place to begin again.  My life has suffered a great loss. the beauty of all of this is that it is a picture of what God does for all of us.  We all have broken places in out hearts and lives that need restoration.  I would love to show you not just how you can restore a house but, also how you can gain a new perspective on life and healing over the broken places we have in our life.  Vision and purpose is something we all could use.  I pray that out of the rubble from my own life you can find a place of restoration for yours.  Invite you to see over the next few posts just how it was done and then to continue with me as share some of the practical tips I have learned along the way.  Hey, I am prove positive that girls can do more than just play with Barbies, we can build them furniture and houses too!


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