The Adventure Continues – June 2017

Hello from Redding, CA, Sonoma, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Sacramento and soon to be Charlotte and Dallas. Wow I thought I was relaxing and resting until I read about all the places I have been to this month alone. I guess you could say that even though I did not ride any real roller coasters this year, it seems that I have been riding a few in life. I am right now sitting in one of my favorite places in CA the Sunflower Cafe inimage Sonoma. I have made several trips between Redding and the Bay Area. I have had a few overnights in these areas, because my car does not have cruise control. I have found it is too much for my body to drive 8 hours with no cruise control. I have also been to Sacramento a few times in the last few months for therapy for my hand. While attending my therapy God opened the door for one of my paintings to be hung in the VA clinic in the occupational therapy office. God is so good and wastes nothing. He will even make good out of a bad situation. I had an unfinished painting from my first year of a hand with the glory of God dripping from it. IMG_7467A friend of mine who tagged along with me suggested I paint a picture of a hand for My therapist. She did not know I had painted a hand. All I had to do was finish it. What an Honor. My only prayer while finishing it was that the people who look at it would be healed as they see it.

Saying goodbye is never fun… I always like to say see you later. It does happen as you IMG_7916.JPGwill see later in this newsletter. While saying goodbye to my dear friend Heidi I got the chance to reconnect with some friends from first year. Heidi and I took a couple of days in Sonoma before she left and over Mother’s Day. It was refreshing to breathe a little after graduation and before the School of Creativity. I took Heidi and another friend Rosa from the U.K. To the airport in San Francisco and not quite a week later I am back on the journey to San Francisco to pick-up another passenger. All while my stuff is moved to imagea new home. Yes today is moving day and I have to say it is the first move I have ever had where I did not have to carry boxes to a truck and unload the truck later. I just have to drive to the airport and pick up a very sweet young lady, while the men move the stuff. I am blessed. So there has been a lot of trips back and forth. To my surprise I have accomplished much more than I expected and now I am off to Sacramento to hop on a plane to North Carolina to spend a week with my parents who I have not seen for three years. I last saw them in may 2014. Wow time flies. After a week with them and connecting with others. I will hop on a plane to Dallas to be with my kids and to see to some business concerning my stuff left from my house.

So, amongst all my crazy journeying I did finally Graduate from my second year of school here. This has been an amazing year at school I have had the chance to travel the world. I was able to travel to Bend, OR, Mexico City, Pasadena,CA, Istambul, Cape Town, and Cuba. Most of these were ministry trips where they take what we have learned and guide us as we actually do the stuff with guidance from the trip leaders. It is exciting to go to these places and see God move through you. It is a great way of learning. The difference between second and third year is they no longer provide you as much guidance you still have a Mentor but you are given the chance to be all God has called you to be. They then let you take the lead in what you are assigned to do and do the work of the ministry. I have as my opening picture is my mentor for third year. Third year is an internship. It only cost $800. I paid my deposit after being accepted and then sold a painting.

It is called “Let the Fires of Revival Burn” with the scriptures

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:14-16‬ ‭NASB‬‬


“Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:105‬ ‭NASB‬‬

This painting represents the fires of revival being released all over the world. It is a lantern with a flame burning and as the winds of Revival blows the sparks are being carried to the world and igniting the places where the sparks touch. I feel it was a picture that showed what God was doing with our class. Also after painting that painting a person came up after the service and offer to buy it. I sold the painting for $200. This was the first painting I have sold since coming here. The $200 is paying for my school for next year.

IMG_7775As you can see there is a theme or two throughout my journeys. One is travel and the other is Creativity. So during the activities leading up to graduation we had a time where the Father’s of the house came to pray over us. When they came to me Kris Vallotton not knowing me (I was one of 700 students) he first said He was releasing creativity over me. Then he asked if I did art? Then asked if I had ever done pottery? And then said he saw me like a master potter. Wow! That totally wrecked me. He had no idea of the many steps it took to get me to my internship and this was the craziest confirmation. When you give God your Yes it means something great to HIM!

That word was such a confirmation of not only my time here at school but also my life. Shortly after graduation I was one of 200 volunteers that helped make the School of Creativity possible. The School of Creativity is a combination of workshop, experiences and a showcase of what is possible through being co creators with God. It had artist painting on stage, it had creative expressions in Dance, Drama, Video, Photography, Culinary and even Fashion. These expressions have become so good that people are commenting that they are like a Hollywood or broadway show. If this event is a sample of what I will be doing next year. It will be a BLAST!!

We never know how the road will lead us. And if we are willing and our hearts are open God can bring surprises into our path. This recently happened on one of my trips to the Bay Area. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to see a friend/co-worker/classmate of mine who had flew from Taiwan for one day to preach for an interview. Not only was I able to be blessed by his preaching I was able to encourage him in the process. I am super excited to watch and see what God can and will do through Eric and Tina.

I am on the road again and will have more great adventures to share in the coming weeks. As Always, your prayers are welcome. Hey please feel free to message me or email me. I do like to stay in touch. Thank you soo much for partnering with me on this journey.

Love and Blessings to ALL!

Elizabeth Zinn

The Adventure Continues – Spring Update 2017


Hello from Redding, CA, Cape Town, SA and Cuba. I had high hopes to get an update out before Cuba, but that did not happen. So I am merging together the updates for both April and May. I had high hopes to get a update out yet with two weeks it was not a realistic goal. So spring is here and things are green and beautiful all around us.


So, last month I was preparing to leave on my trip to South Africa. This was a great trip. We departed Redding the morning of the 6th of March. Then traveled from San Francisco to Cape Town, two flights IMG_6699one layover and some planes, and automobiles and we arrived there. On the 8th of March. Somewhere along the way we lost a day. We spent the day Thursday seeing a little of the local sights and wildlife. Yes, there are penguins in South Africa. Yet in our travel we had the opportunity to minister to people on the train and yes then later we had a church service on a public imagebus. It was amazing and wonderful. It started with us singing a song to them to bless the people on the bus and by the time we were done the whole bus was singing and they were singing songs to us and thanking us for encouraging unity in their country. It was beautiful and a blessing to them and us.

Friday we had the opportunity to go to a house that had murals painted on the walls that told the story of the seven days of creation through art, color and people’s gifts. They treated us to a beautiful lunch and pampered us with blessings over our lives as they washed our feet. This was an impactful day for me also. When going on trips like these is that you go with the intent to give and it seems the more you give the more you receive. In Luke 6:38 it says give and it will come back to you good measure pressed down and flowing over. It seems the more we give the more we receive. Crazy, huh? Well that night we began our conference where we were teaching the people there how they can use creativity to minister to people.

imageWe shared the testimonies of how God had worked in us and we demonstrated also through singing and painting. We then taught them how to go out and do what we did. Many people were inspired and we even had some of the local artist join us and paint as well during the worship times. Each service we gave paintings away to random people we chose and each time the person we chose would share how the IMG_6861painting or the meaning of the painting. Would be something that they felt the Lord had told them or that someone else had told them the same thing the day before. It was a fruitful time. We had the chance to empower a community to help people in their community with art, music and dance. After a long flight home, it was back to school for the next two weeks.

14333095_10208976456141182_4210289117786083440_nSchool did not stop while we were gone and there was much to be done. After I arrived back it was time for me to present my second-year project. This was a painting that began the year with me. The first week of school I started painting the sunflower after I received the scripture from Isaiah 61:11 For as the garden causes the things sown into it to spring forth, So the Lord will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations. This scripture holds deep meaning to me. I wrote that scripture on the painting before I painted it. For the sake of keeping this brief. The things the painting holds is the Love and blessings the Lord has given to me in my life and what He has yet to bring, it is about how He hides the things he treasures. When the time is right they spring forth from the garden and then they display their beauty, release imagerighteousness and praise to spring up before the nations. This painting has emerged as I have this year. It is a picture of what God has been doing over this year of my life. I have been springing forth this year and emerging out of the place I was hidden. Now I am releasing the what God has given me over the nations. Crazy, right? After the flower reveals this beauty comes from spending time in the presence of the SON and being given the right nurturing and given a great place to grow then the multiplication can come.

imageMy school planting team had the opportunity to our presentation of the vision we had for a school. So, it could look like a school. A school that promotes businesses that grows and partners with their community to bring positive transformation to their communities and beyond. This was our idea.. Who knows?? I mean we do say anything is possible with God. I am just starting to really begin to dream again. I have realized that I did not dream anymore because I felt my identity was a part of the dreams. I would dream and when the dream did not happen I was a failure. I realize that is not my Job to make dreams a reality in my life. My Job is to start somewhere and keep trying until something does happen. Disney was not an overnight success. It took him years to reach his dreams and then he dared to dream bigger, bigger and even bigger. I can’t wait to see what God has in mind next. I can only imagine!! Here is something the Lord spoke to me during one of our worship services before leaving for Cuba.

“ It all began with a mouse… there is a reason you have grown up in the day and age you have. You watched the Magic Kingdom arise, which transformed culture. Imagine like they did a world empowered and founded in the truth and power of the foundations you have been learning.Built to bless and bring positive change and solutions that are birthed through prayer and fueled by resurrection power. The power that brings life, truth and freedom to those who experience it. Imagine how people who learn to tap into the limitless resources of heaven could live. What Heaven can imagine is not limited to this world. So imagine what this world could be or look like if heaven is truly revealed here on earth.”

So my dreams are bringing in ignited again! This is a picture of a mural that I was able to be a part of yesterday… since it fits with dreaming. I thought it would be good to share.

Cuba… Wow there is so much to share. I might and most likely will write a whole blog just about my experience in Cuba. Let’s just say Cuba had deeply impacted my heart. The people there are in some of the toughest conditions I have seen in all my travels. Yet they have such great hearts and attitudes. They are Hungry to know more about God and walk in His fullness in their lives and they have big dreams. Dreams to make their life better. And not only are they dreaming they are doing imagesomething to make it better. They do this even if it takes them years to see their dreams come true. The cuban people were an inspiration to me to begin dreaming again. Thank you to all those who helped to support my trip by donation or prayer you have helped to make life better for those who don’t have the privilege to be born into a pace like the United States.

As of now all my trips are fully funded. I was blessed by a donation that fully funded my Six Flags trip. So, after Cuba my next opportunity is to ride the rollercoasters for the Lord and spread more unity and blessings over people while we ride them.

As for Next year, it looks like I will be doing another year of school. So after much prayer and the Lord guiding me. I will be meeting with my future mentor on Wednesday at 8 AM. I am already accepted as an intern with her I just need to respond to her request. I will do that after our meeting. I am meeting with her to get a picture of what the next year will look like. The person I am mentoring with is the Creativity Director of the Church and the School. She oversees all the creativity and she has asked me to be her intern. I am honored to be asked by her, yet I know the weight of what I am being asked to be a part of and I do not want to take that lightly. We do not need to raise the amount of funds as we did before. We will only need $800 for our tuition. Yet any trips we go on we are responsible to raise the funds for our travel expenses I went to South Africa with her and I expect I will have opportunity to go on many other trips with her.. They have a great system in place that teaches us to grow and become who God has made us to be. I am not sure what next year holds yet, whatever I do I know I don’t want to go anywhere without GOD.

As Always, your prayers are welcome and anytime I get more info about the next step I will give you the details so we can grow and partner together! Thank you soo much for partnering with me on this journey.

The Adventure Continues – March 2017 Update

fullsizerender-3Hello from Redding & Pasadena California and within about 48 hours Cape Town, South Africa. I have to say I am excited. My featured selfie is with Livi and Liezel in honor of the first day I met Liezel when I picked her up from the airport.  Let’s just say it has been a wild ride since then. We are heading to Cape Town for a conference on how to use the Arts to touch people and to help them to know God and receive healing.  Liezel lived a short distance from where we will be having the conference.  Looking forward to touching more lives and seeing my friend.


Downtown Pasadena

Speaking of impacting people Pasadena was a great trip we were able to encourage  many people and bless them.  We were on a trip to equip and refresh the leadership of the school and the many ministries that are at the college campus where we stayed.  I had the opportunity to paint a painting and give it away to a woman at the church where we ministered. The Lord blew me away when I picked her out only to find out her name


My Painting

was Elizabeth. I met four people who were named Elizabeth on this trip and the street by where we were staying was also Elizabeth. I think that the Lord was confirming to me that He likes the fact that I have embraced being called Elizabeth again.

There are many examples of people in the bible who get a new name when they enter a new place with God:  Jacob became Israel, Abram became Abraham, Simon became Peter, Saul became Paul. With each change these people embraced a deeper understanding of who God was calling them to be. God has taken me to new places with Him and since i came out here. In the beginning of my first year my name badge was made as Elizabeth. I was going to change it to Beth yet the Lord encouraged me to leave it. You see “El” is a pre fix that means God. when I took that off my name I was taking part of what God has bless me to be out of my name. When we speak things from our mouth we have power in our words. When I say Elizabeth I am speaking my identity over myself. In first year I did not fully embrace that, I had a name badge with Elizabeth but everyone called me Beth. during the summer the Lord told me that if I would fully embrace my identity He would bless me even more.  So at the start of Second year I choose that I would embrace what God had done in my life and I would go by Elizabeth again. Well my name badge was BETH … so I began to work to get a new badge. Two months later I had it all worked out. You see my name represents who I am called to be. God knows my name and what He has called me to be. He knows you also. He has a plan and purpose for you. What does you name mean?? What is His plan and purpose for your life??


March 6th – 14th

So what is next?  South Africa next week, in 25 days I am off to Cuba,


March 30 – Apr 11

and then Six Flags in San Francisco. Thank you to those who have sown into my trips. I have been able to fund all of my trips except for what I have left to raise for Six Flags.  I need $200 yet because of some of the money that was saved on my plane tickets i have all but $50 paid. so I only need $50 to be fully funded on all of my trips.  There is so much else going on. I painted at the Prothetic Conference. It was a real honor to


My painting from the conference

paint there.  Our School planting team did our test launch for our school it was amazing and well attended this was one of the high points of my month.  I have had a few low points in that


Charlie and Gladys you are missed

my Uncle and Aunt passed away within a day of each other they were such a blessing to my life and I will miss them.  There is so much going on from City service to trips with friends to Mount Shasta. This has been a power packed month. Also I would like to


Our Logo for our School

thank all those who have prayed fro the Drought here in CA. There is a phrase I heard when I first came hear that people were encouraged to not water their lawns and embrace “California Gold” which was the color of all the grass everywhere. Well my featured image is evidence the it is now GREEN everywhere.  People who have


The Drought is gone…Water is abundant

lived here for years said it has never been this green.  It seemed impossible that this drought could be broken,”But God” had a different plan. In two years time most of the California rivers are full and overflowing.  Please do pray that the rain does regulate so we do not too much flooding.

Thank you again to all who have prayed an partnered with this journey. I could do none of this without you.  I am so thankful for each of you. I wish I could be there to hug all your necks, but I am on a new adventure now.  I do have some prayer needs to consider in this new season:

  • Lives will be touched and changed
  • Safe Travels and Health
  • Continued direction for the future (Third year? Job for summer? What’s Next??)
  • I finish well as Graduation is around the corner
  • God’s continued direction

As always if you are welcome to come out and visit here.  We are moving out of our rainy season and into our hot summer days.  So there will be plenty of sunshine soon.  If you would like to give to my travel fund please click on the link below. I only need $50 to meet my goal for this trip. We will be sharing the love of God with people in the park.


Elizabeth  Email me 


April 22nd


Click Here to Give

The Adventure Continues – February 2017 Update

img_0530Hello from Redding, CA and soon to be many other places.  Life is good. It is not without it’s speed bumps or hurdles. I don’t want you to get the impression that life is always a smooth journey.  It has it’s share of challenges. Jesus and the apostles never painted for us a picture of ease. They too faced challenges in their lives serving God. One thing each of the knew deep in their heart that God was a good God. He loves us and wants good for us.  We live in a broken world and broken things happen in life. For those of you who know me, you know I have had my share of hurdles to overcome.  I tripped up recently when on one of my ministry trips I fell and broke my hand. We have two choices when a trial hits we can complain or choose to find what the good is and find God working in the trial.  I did go  through trials and I have recently been in a season of blessing and favor.

So what does that look like. Well one I have had the great privledge to serve on the img_0572img_0105team of the Converge School leaders conference. This has been a conference to help people who want to plant schools like this one come and learn how to do just that.  This school has transformed my life. Jesus has commissioned us to go and MAKE disciples.  So that is exactly what they do here. At this event. They are training people img_0525to make disciples. This is one of my primary passions. I hunger for people not only know Jesus but also to walk in the fullness of what He has called them to be.  We call it here being a champion of people. You know me this is something God made me to be! So I feel at home in this place. So wha’t else have I been doing. I had the honor of serving at the Randy Clark Healing School in January and I was ask to paint on stage.  I painted a painting about identity. I was inspired by a movie named the Queen of Katwe. It is about a young girl who started in the slums of Uganda and she became the Chess champion of Africa.  One of the most powerful moves in chess is when you use your pawn to move across the board and get to you opponates home row and swap your pawn for a Queen. This is such a picture of what God does for us. He came into the enemies home place and gave his life not only so we could live but to allow us to be given new life and become royalty and give us the power to overcome.  We have the challenge to believe that this is what he has done for us and we are able to do just that.  We are called to walk in the same power as Jesus and to be seated with Him in heavenly places.

So what is next… so much more. My hand is one the mend and I will be heading to 8cd9a4d46e37dcbdc286b82cf0adc686Sacramento on Wednesday to get it checked out and in better shape. I am beginning my last Trimester of school. Oh my gosh this year is almost over… Yet there is still so much to do… First I leave for Pasadena next Friday, I am Painting on stage at the next conference the following Friday after I come home on Tuesday.  Then a short break from traveling then I will leave for Cape Town South Africa in the beginning of March. Another short break then I am off to Cuba… You say southafricaare you done and I say no… I was invited to join another person on a trip to Six Flags in April (I think Jesus knows how much I love roller coasters). Wow I feel like I just got off a roller d7d7b5c222a38035076b82646a2cf59acoaster!! I am truly living the adventure.  Thank you Lord.  My Heart and my life is feeling the Love of the Lord each day. I will let you know that all my ministry trips are covered and I only owe $850 for my Cuba trip. The Six Flags trip will be covered by leftover money from one of my img_0106other trips.  I have made the decision to focus on school for this next three months. Because of my travel schedule and my school commitments I have very little ability to work hours at a minimum wage job. God has opened up doors for me to help people with computers and it is something that can work with my schedule. God has truly been good to me in this season.  I am praying about what is next and I do not have a definite answer.  I am working on staying close to Him and hear His heart for this season. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  I would ask if God places me on your heart it is for a good reason.  So I ask that you would remember me in your prayers. some of the things you can be praying about is one or all of the following:

  • Complete healing and restoration for my hand
  • For travel safety, smooth travels, health and no injuries on trips
  • Full funding on all remaining trips
  • Wisdom for the next step and vision or direction as to what that looks like

As always if you wish to partner with what God is doing in my life. I will let you know you wil be touching the lives of people all over the world. Not just through my travels but also in the lives I have the opportunity to touch each day.  If you would like to help financially then you can click on one of the following links.

For Pasadena, South Africa or Six Flags and any other possible trips I might go on: CLICK HERE.

My greatest need is for Cuba $850 to go: CLICK HERE



The Adventure Continues – January Update 2017

file_000Hello from Redding, Mexico City, Texas and soon to be more places. Oh the places you will go! It is no longer just a phone message for me. Yes! I am living the adventure now! December had many ups and a single down. Mostly up’s though. So, much is happening! Life is going a full speed ahead. I am halfway through my second year of school. Life is truly the adventure now. I did much traveling in the End of 2016 and it was just the beginning of more to come in 2017. God has truly opened up doors for me to TRAVEL to many new places. I will update you more after highlighting the Mexico and Texas trips in Dec.

In mid December I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Mexico Cityimg_6352We had the honor of ministering in several places. The first place was a place where the help girls that are coming out of sex trafficking. We had the chance to pray over the staff that works with the girls. We were blessed to have the honor of holding up their arms for a day and helping them be encouraged. Next we had the opportunity to bless students at one of the Ministry Schools
in Mexico City. We worshiped with them and then we were able to teach them about img_6381the Love of the Father, Honor, Humility, Healing and How to Transform a City with Art. We then had the ability to take them out and teach them how to love people and bless them. We saw 3 people come to know Jesus on our outreach. It was truly a blessed time. On Sunday our last day there we had the opportunity to minister are Pana De Via Church. We had the opportunity to minister to about 1000 people at two services. We later had the chance to see their new building that they hope to move into in March. Please pray and partner with themimg_6360 to finish there building. While seeing their new building I had a close encounter with a staircase that did not go so well. I fell and broke a finger and a bone in my hand. All is well and I am on the mend. Sometimes you just hit those speed bumps in life.

15826850_10154945083088307_7283661839546128042_nSo my Christmas vacation started a little earlier this year because I could not work due to my hand being broke. So I went home a little early to Texas to spend Christmas with Alicia and Paul Jr. I successfully surprised Paul Jr. He knew I was coming home but not that early. We had a great visit together and we celebrated Paul’s upcoming birthday a little early. We also had a great adventure thanking all those and a few extras for helping me to move out of my house. We all had a grand time escaping out of the ZERO Dark 30 Escape room. It was soo much fun. I was 15781561_10154933792023307_5845230341530326738_nalso thankful for the opportunity to connect with all the churches that blessed my life in Texas. It was a blessed time with family. I wish I could have seen more of you.

The Lord told us in the Great Commission to GO and Make Disciples of ALL the Nations. We I am taking Him seriously. We live in an age where we can travel to the other side of the globe in a matter of a day or two sometimes. I remember when I was a young girl praying one night before going to be and saying God bless the WHOLE WIDE WORLD because that is what He wants for everyone. He is giving me that opportunity in 2017 and beyond. I have applied for and been accepted on two more trips. I will be traveling to Pasadena, CA from Feb 17-21, then I have the great privilege of going to Cape Town South Africa from Mar 6th-13th and finally to Cuba from Mar 30th -Apr 11th. I am super excited for all these trips. We pour into others who are doing the same. We are making disciples. Most of the trips are for supporting ministry schools that are doing just that. The trip to South Africa will be for teaching people to be creative in their churches and communities. All I can say is I am LIVING INTENTIONALLY FOR EVERYTHING!

I would like to invite you to partner with me on these trips. I would love for you to please pray not just for where I am going but also for where I have been. I am planting seeds everywhere I go. As you partner with me on this journey you are a partner with the harvest that is being planted and harvested. Thank you to all of you who have prayed and supported me in this journey it truly is the GREAT adventure.

There is always opportunity to partner financially. If you wish to give to any of my trips it is tax deductible. For Pasadena or South Africa or Cuba you can click in the picture to donate. Thank You for being a part of this journey with me.d7d7b5c222a38035076b82646a2cf59a




The Adventure Continues – November/December Update

file_002Hello from Redding, CA, Bend, OR and soon to be many parts  of the US and the world.  I have truly entered into a New Season of life.  This has been a month of thankfulness. I have so much to be thankful for.  In September I sold my house and on Oct 14th I closed the deal. I am grateful for this new season where I do not have to strive to pay my school bill any longer. The Lord had a way not only for me to get out of debt but also to be able to take a breather and not worry about this year trying to make the rent payment or pay school bills etc.  I am still working at Orchard Hardware and supply. 14232603_10154267456511886_8347689755375808576_nMy school schedule is much busier this year so, I have had to drop my avaiblity down to two days a week. I love my job and work environment I am now working in the Nursery caring for plants. It is such a breath of fresh air as I get to spend sometime outside.

Life and school has been busy but good. I continue to give thanks for the many opportunities God has given me. I have painted on stage several times and I give thanks for the honor to be able to share my file_003art with others. I am working on a painting of a sunflower that I hope to finish soon. I have had a few good times lately to spend more time on this painting. I am very blessed with the progress. I will be getting it scanned and I hope to have prints available in the next month or so.  Please let me know if you are interested in buying a print of this painting. I will send you a link to order one when it is finished. This painting seems to be my journey through this year of school. it started in the first week of school and came as an inspiration from something God showed me last year. As I have been painting it the Lord is showing me how he is crafting me through the process of this year to be a better reflection of His Glory. The scripture Isaiah 61:11
For as the earth brings forth its sprouts,
And as a garden causes the things sown in it to spring up,
So the Lord [a]God will cause righteousness and praise
To spring up before all the nations.
is written on the canvas under the paint. I believe this is part of what he is speaking to me through this painting. Isaiah 61 is the scripture Jesus read in the synagog and it is the scripture that I believe He is calling us to. We are anointed like Him because He lives in us. So His mission is our mission. We are called to restore the broken and bring liberty to the captives.  I believe this chapter explains my life so well.  I feel this is something I am called to do. Restore cities and nations. He has cause me to spring up and learn to walk in His righteousness and praise and where I go this will go with me from here to the nations.
I have two passions one sharing the love of God with people and the other is travel. I have Plaza de la Constitucion (the Zocalo, the Cathedral) in Christmas. Mexico City. Mexicobeen looking forward to the day that the door would open for me to do all of the above. The time has finally come. I just returned from a ministry trip to Bend,OR. It was incredible to be there and to do what I love, Paint love on people and travel. On Friday the 8th of Dec, I fly to Mexico City where I will have the opportunity to teach other student d7d7b5c222a38035076b82646a2cf59ain Mexico how to do what I have learned here in their country. To say I am excited is an understatement. I the Spiring I will fly to Cuba and do the same. I am very encouraged to go to Cuba at this time in history. All my life Fidel Castro has been in power. It is almost like there is a new season coming to this country. I have an expectation that we will return with many stories of hope and new growth there. I may be taking at least one more ministry trip in January or February time frame.
I will also be traveling in December from the 25th to the 1 of Jan. I am returning to Cedar 12240007_10153625786033950_3741207815848681034_nHill, TX to visit my kids and friends. I am super excited for this trip. Paul D Zinn Jr will be turning 30 in January and since I can take more time off in Dec, we decided it was best that I would come then.  So we are planning a celebration to honor this milestone in Paul’s life.  We are hoping to make it a extra special celebration of his life! Please be watching you mail for an invite to the party. Please know we do not expect everyone who receives an invite to come. We would love for that to happen. We want you to know if you get an invite to the party it is because you have done something to help make Paul the man he is today.  If you cannot make it to the party we are asking you to write a note/card of encouragement to him or make a short video to show him how blessed we are that the Lord has done so much in his life.
travel-quotes-01Thank you for all those who have partnered with me in my journey so far. Without each of your prayers and support I would not be here today. Thank you for being a part of my life and making it so rich. If you would like to help in any way through prayer and support you can do that. As it stands right now my trip to Mexico City is fully funded. Most of that cost was covered by my travel fund that came from my tuition.  As of today I have enough funds to cover most of my trip to Cuba in my missions account. I currently need $950 to pay off this trip.  I have funds that I could pull from. Yet I know the value of allowing others to sow into what God is doing here and in Cuba. I am taught here daily the value of community and how we need to invest in each other. So if the Lord so moves you here is the link for my missions account which is a tax deduction for those who give. If you give to this link it can go to any of the trips I go on this year.

Also I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
Safe travels while having fun and adventures

God’s guidance as I travel to Mexico City
God’s wisdom and direction for next year and the future

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen. Please stay tune in for more of The Adventure Continues.

If you wish to write me a letter or send me a card or care packages which are joyfully accepted! You can snail mail me at this address.

Love and Blessings,

Elizabeth Zinn
PO Box 493813
Redding, CA 96049

The Next Great Adventure 2.0! October 2016 Update

14232603_10154267456511886_8347689755375808576_nHello Friends and Family,      

Greetings from Redding & Chico, CA. With the setting of one season God is launching another. And were off! School is in full swing now. It seems hard to believe that it has been a whole month already. So much has been happening since school began. The Lord brought many changes and transitions to me at the beginning of this school year. One of the biggest was God showing me it was time to sell my house in TX. This decision did not come lightly. I took the whole summer to pray and ask Him for his direction. My heart was not to make a hasty decision. As the decision would affect many more than just myself. Being here in CA and selling a house while starting school in is not really the most awesome timing or convenience for anyone. Yet it was God’s timing and many are being stretched in this place. The decision came because I feel it is timing for me to lay down the things I have had behind me and to payoff debt that was brought on by the house. Working my job here barely pays my rent. So when I was seek the Lord for what to do He used the example of Moses standing at the Red Sea and asking God what he should do to help save the Israelites. Pharaoh and his army was behind them and the Red Sea was in from of them. The Lord simply instructed Moses to use the rod in his hand. My rod is my 381567_10150383548696886_543723086_nhouse. I received a full price offer on my house on the anniversary of Paul Sr’s death. This was only two weeks after is was placed on the market. The closing is set for Oct 10. This was a beautiful picture of God’s love and blessings over my life. Also it was a beautiful way to enter into a new season of redemption in my life. Selling it will allow me to be debt free and also to invest in other things that will not hold me back from what God intends for me in this next season. Yet in making this decision there are those who were renting from me who are looking for a new place to stay and having to deal with all the stuff in my house. Although I did go through most everything before leaving there is a lot to still deal with. So please if you could pray for Alicia, Paul and the Beiler Family. We are all in a difficult place as the house will close on Oct 10. So the Lord is finishing one chapter in my life and is already starting a new one.

14333095_10208976456141182_4210289117786083440_nThe picture you see in my profile of this letter was part of the new chapter. I was not planning on doing much art this year. I was going to switch my focus to writing this year.  The picture to the left was a picture taken by a friend of mine. It is an honor to paint on the stage at this church. It was not my goal to do so. Yet God had a different plan than I did. He gently guided me through others to take a step of faith and meet Him with my easel. I have been in school now four weeks and I have been asked to paint three times. Once each week. This painting once finished will be available for purchase. I already have several people asking me for it. And it is not done yet.  Yet there is something amazing that people desire something that is undone in my eyes. I am very thankful for this honor and privilege to serve in this place it is my hope and dream to steward it well.   


Chico was my retreat this year. I had the amazing privilege to serve and amazing group of artist. The retreat is set up that when the first year students come they receiving blessings over their lives from the second year students. My team did an amazing job. They drew and painted pictures and blessed the incoming students.  It was another place where we saw art img_6008touch the lives of other and encourage them to be all God has made them to be. While at retreat I also helped to activate artist to paint on stage. I love seeing people learn to use their gifting to bless others.  

I have such a great God. He did an amazing thing. Last month I needed $265 to be half way. I had some money in my account but it was only $180 to pay toward my bill. A few days before the bill was due I sold a piece of furniture I had been trying to sell for over a year for $100. So I was able to put that on my bill. Bringing my need to $165. I was standing in the line for school to register and I got called into the pay by cash line because I was going to use my money to pay the bill.  Well one of the finance people called over to me when she saw me because I had fixed her computer over the summer. She asked what I owed and got out her money and paid my $165 balance. So I did not have to pay my money. Because of that I was able to bless another student who needed money.   The current balance of my bill is $2185. I am due to make a payment on my bill on October 15th 2016. Right now my immediate need would be for $190.00.  The reason for this is that we have our mission trip in March and April. We need to apply for those trips from Oct 5th through the 12th. If I owe more than $2000. I cannot apply for the international trips. It is my desire to go on one of these trips. Each of these trips have about 2500 students applying for 20 people per trip. So the need to sign-up early is very helpful. My funds are tied up until the 11th of Oct. I am willing to wait. Yet I am hungry to travel. So I am torn. I can payoff my school bill on Oct 11th. Yet I do want to give you all the chance to sow into this field that is ripe to grow the seeds that are planted. Honestly every little bit helps in this season.  If you would rather have a piece of art proceeds from my painting sales will help me in this process.

It only cost $30 for one of my Love painting prints. About $15 of that painting goes to my school. The rest is cost of printing and shipping. They are fine art prints of exceptional quality. It will brighten your home and also you know you are supporting a good cause. I would need to sell about 200 paintings to pay for my school.  If you are interested in a painting then please click this link below.


I have them available in small medium and large sizes. The measurements of the actual print are not exactly the size of the frame you would need for it. If you buy the larger painting it will cost more. You can see the pricing on my website. As I get more paintings completed and scanned I will make them available.

Please know that any way you partner with me in this journey please know your impact is reaching beyond just me you are reaching the globe. I have opportunities daily to invest in others from around the world. Please know my thoughts and prayers go out to each of you often. Know that I am stalking most of you on Facebook and I am praying for the Lord to bring blessings and the richness of His love into your lives. I am grateful for each of you who have invested in me.  

If you wish in anyway to partner with this journey through a donation please click the link below.  screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-9-01-29-am

Any amount paid to this link from this point will be applied to my tuition. This tuition includes all the books I read for school and $700 of that goes to pay for travel on ministry trips. We are not allowed to travel until our tuition is paid in full.  As you can tell I love adventure and I would love to take you with me… to do that, I need your partnership in prayers and support as the Lord leads.  

Also I invite you to join me in prayers for the following

  • My closing to come together and go smoothly
  • Transitions to go smoothly. Kids and Beiler’s to find and get settled in their new homes.
  • Mission trip selections and school funds to be paid and worked out
  • Me to embrace the art and realize He knows the path he has for me.
  • Balance of work, school, travel and rest for the upcoming school year
  • Safely while having fun and adventures

Once again thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support. You have all blessed me beyond measure. Thank you for helping make endless possibilities happen.  Please stay tune in for more of NEXT Great Adventure! 2.0

If you wish to write me a letter or send me a card or care packages which are joyfully accepted! You can snail mail me at this address.

Love and Blessings,


Elizabeth Zinn

PO Box 493813

Redding, CA 96049